Scientific Committee

Dr. Blgo. Ivan Lima Columbus, CSO
Scientific Director

BSc in Biology at the University Ricardo Palma. Centre specialization studies at the National University of Tucumán (Argentina) and the Argentine-Brazilian Biotechnology Centre.

As a healthcare professional, Ivan has participated in several multinational cooperative work projects in the field of biotechnology. He also has 12 years experience in diagnostics and therapeutics in various diseases, received at the prestigious Institute for Diagnostic Medlab Cantella-Colichon as well as full experience in natural products.

In 2002 Humanitas International Foundation (HIF) and the International American Association for Nutritional Education (AIANE) of the United States acknowledged his career, naming him Deputy Coordinator for Peru.
He joined FuXion in 2005 serving as Head of the Scientific Department of FuXion, where he has actively participated in the design of the new line of FuXion products.