Athletic Performance

Vita Energía Xtra T

When you want to feel more vitality and energy, you need Vita Energía Xtra T. This unique antioxidant and multivitamin drink is a powerful nutritional source to give you physical energy and enhanced mental focus. It’s packed with goodness, including a special amino acid mix including L-arginine. It also contains our special blend of vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts and antioxidants, including green tea, acai berry, purple corn anthocyanin, camu camu and lutein (marigold extract). *

Suggested use: Take one sachet first thing in the morning, or as desired for extra energy. Dissolve contents in a glass of water and stir well.


FuXion FLX té is a potent product formulated to help nourish, lubricate and protect your joints. It’s packed with beneficial nutrients like ginger, curcumin, lutein (marigold extract) and vitamins.*

Suggested use: One sachet per day, between meals. Dissolve contents in a cup of hot water and stir well.

Post Sport

After the gym or any athletic workout, mix up Post Sport to help your body recover and regenerate. It includes rehydrating salts, and powerful ingredients like L-glutamine, an amino acid that is a building block for rapid muscle resynthesis.

Suggested use: Dissolve one sachet in cold water and drink after workouts for faster recuperation.